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SMART Board Basics (session 1)
SMART Board Basics (session 2)
CPS (session 1)
CPS (session 2)
The Airliner
Creating SMART Board Lessons

Galileo Report Basics

Galileo Basics for New TeachersGalileo_Basics.html
iMovie Basics (session 1)iMovie1.html
Podcasting using GarageBandPodcasting.html
iWeb (session 1)
iMovie Basics (session 2)iMovie3.html
iWeb (session 2)
iWeb (session 3)
Technology Staff Development
Advanced eSembler Features
Using Galileo’s Mercury
CPS Pulse (session 1)
CPS Pulse (session 2)
Back to the aBoardaBoard.html
1to1 Teachers
Curricular Resourcescurriculumresources.html
SMART Board NOTEBOOK Basicsnotebookbasics.html
Instructional Dialogs
SMART Board Tools, Tips, & Tricks Itnt1.html
SMART Board Tools, Tips, & Tricks IItnt2.html
SMART Board Tools, Tips, & Tricks IIItnt3.html
SMART Board Tools, Tips, & Tricks IVtnt4.html